If You Aren't Doing This, You Are Leaving Money on the Table!

podcast Jun 07, 2021

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The top three tips to get your clothes for free and how to actually make more money leveraging social media. (00:47)
  • If you have your affiliate marketing hat on and you have your content creation lenses on, then you're going to start looking for opportunities to make money. (3:47)
  • Several ways to connect with online boutiques to build a collaborative relationship and learn how to be an affiliate. (7:57)
  • How to deal with hearing no when you reach out to collaborate with boutiques and you are turned away. (12:35)
  • Several companies to partner with for affiliate programs and the pros and cons to choosing one or the other. (17:34)
  • The difference between an Amazon link and an Amazon affiliate and how to pick the right one for your business. (23:19)

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