5 Procrastination Hacks that Actually WORK!

podcast Jul 05, 2021

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Five hacks guaranteed to stop procrastination the next time you find yourself putting off that important thing you know, deep down that you should be doing. (1:14)
  • The first tip to beat procrastination is one that most people experienced in 2020 and needed to learn how to adapt to it. (3:02)
  • If your devices are going to be a constant distraction for you then turn off your notifications or maybe put them in a separate room while you work. (6:21)
  • How to break through an unmotivated attitude by sitting down and doing this one thing, it will also help you get in the zone and accomplish a lot. (7:37)
  • A summary of Parkinson's Law, which helps to reframe the way we schedule and manage deadlines. (9:36)
  • One way to reward yourself for accomplishing tasks is to delay treating yourself to something you really want until after a project is completed. (9:57)

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