5 Tips You Can Use to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

podcast Jul 05, 2021

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • 5 tips to overcome imposter syndrome and how it shows up in life and business and causes us to believe we are a fraud. (1:17)
  • How it feels to experience imposter syndrome, the different thoughts and feelings inside your body that occur when pushing outside the comfort zone. (3:36)
  • An exercise to identify the accomplishments that have shaped who you are today and borrow from past confidence to overcome. (6:42)
  • Two words to eliminate the term failure and take each learning experience, obstacle and teach others how to succeed. (8:40)
  • Mindset, the way we talk to ourselves, is crucial and there is a way to respond when the inner mean girl shows up to quiet her voice. (12:03)

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